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Social Responsibility

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In order to obtain our products, we work in a socially-responsible atmosphere: we do not accept child labor or any production methods that violate human rights. In fact, we are very proud of how we assist thousands of indigenous Guatemalan Mayas to supplement their agricultural income by purchasing their hand-made crafts. The large majority of our production takes place in the homes of the Maya descendants who live in the lowlands and highlands of Guatemala.


We at From The Mayan People To You are committed to keeping our donors updated on our social projects and to offering newsletters throughout the process of developing projects. If at some moment you would like an update on a project and we have not sent you a newsletter, please contact us at socialproject@delaselva.com for information. We can send you information and pictures when available.

When you click on the links below you will read our latest newsletters and see our photo gallery of each new project and inauguration that we've attended and are happy to present to you! You will also that throughout the past few years we have made a trip to Lake Atitlán , where we were able to distribute bags of the food stuffs most desired by our artisans -- corn and bean grains, after they were devastated by Hurricane Stan in 2005. You can also see the devastation caused by Stan in La Giralda, the school at La Giralda, it's newest rooms built in 2007, and our new school in El Mirador, also built in 2007!  We hope you find the time to enjoy these pictures.

As we continue with our projects, we will keep you updated!! We look forward to hearing from you.

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