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Guatemalan Global Export

From The Mayan People To You, a global exporter of Guatemalan handicrafts located in San Juan del Obispo (near La Antigua Guatemala), began its journey as an exporter in 1991. After years of hard work and development, today the company counts approximately 35 workers as part of its Main Office team, where we proudly work as a designer, producer, and distributor of high-quality, hand-made Guatemalan goods.



Who we Are

Have you ever wondered if the Guatemalan worry dolls really work? Or if there is one worry doll especially for you? On our product page you can see our original worry doll designs from traditional to newly-developed, we are constantly innovating new ways for you to enjoy the story of the Guatemalan worry dolls....


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All of our products are 100% hand-made in Guatemala. From the Mayan People to You, helps you identify the quality of our products and packaging. When you work with From The Mayan People To You, you receive more than a high-quality product: you also obtain our special packaging to assure these products stand out amongst the rest.

Mayan Collections
An extremely diverse country, Guatemala is filled with many distinct communities, each known for making a specific handicraft. The artisans skillfully create these crafts in the peaceful countryside atmosphere, only to the smell of freshly-made tortillas and to the sound of cornhusks ruffling in the wind. This category offers you many collections:
crochet footbag keychains, coinpurse keychains, nahual necklaces and bracelets, ocarina whistles, and Mayan fauna families. Be sure to check back for new products!


Worry no More
There is a story that when the Mayan people have worries, they tell them to their worry dolls and place the dolls under their pillows at night. In the morning, the worry people will have taken all their worries away! This category offers you many different styles of the Guatemala worry doll: bookmarks, notebooks, miniature worry people, large worry people, worry people magnets, mirrors, coinpurses, lucky beans, and photo frames. Be sure to check back for
new products!


Mayan Pastimes
These balls are perfect for relieving stress. Squeeze them, kick them, juggle them, inhale their relaxing scent! Entirely handmade by Mayan descendants in Guatemala for whom stress is an unknown feeling, every single ball is dcreated in a relaxed atmosphere in the hillside. . . This category offers you many different styles of the original crochet stress ball: aromatherapy, juggling balls, footbags, hacky sacks, juggling flowers. Be sure to check back for
new products!


Colourful Additions
Guatemala is known for its climate – the country is often referred to as the Eternal Land of Springtime. And, throughout the year, the landscape is often covered in bright, colourful flowers. These products are 100% handmade and are here to brighten your day. This category offers you many different colourful accessories: friendship bracelets, coin purses, hair pins, wallets, hair ties, hair bands, and scarves. Be sure to check back for
new products!


Mayan Jewelry
This handmade jewelry is made by the descendants of the ancient Maya Civilization. Centuries ago and still today, the Mayas celebrate rituals by wearing jewelry made from natural seed, glass, and ceramic beads. This category offers you many different styles of jewellery: natural seed bracelets, beaded bracelets, choker necklaces, ceramic bead bracelets, lizard bracelets, and charm bracelets. Be sure to check back for
new products!


Natural Essences
The Maya population of Guatemala is well-known for its use of natural incense when performing rituals and for having a strong belief in nature’s power. These natural, hand-made products are gathered in the highlands of Guatemala. This category offers you access to the natural essences of Guatemala that are still used by Mayan descendants today: golden, copal, myrrh, and white natural incense, Mayan rain frog, Ocote fat wood, and the ceremonial rain frog. Be sure to check back for
new products!


Mayan Health and Beauty
These ancient Mayan Health and Beauty products help to purify and hydrate the skin for both face and body. Originally used as old healing remedies in the highlands of Guatemala, these products are still used today by the Mayan population and locals. This category offers you: Mayan mud mask, volcanic-formed pumice stone, natural aegyptiaca loofa scrub/ sponge, the ceramic aroma heart, natural chamomile soap, crochet soap bag, and crochet relaxation balls for hands and fingers. Be sure to check back for
new products!


Peaceful Thoughts
There are plenty of occasions in daily life where the message of a peace dove can provide inspiration. . .Each individual piece of our clay products is completely hand sculpted by Maya women in the peaceful village of Chinautla, Guatemala. This category offers you decorative ceramic items: My Guardian Angel, Ethnic Angels, peace doves, and a rosary in imitation-silver basket. Be sure to check back for
new products!


Holiday Cheer
As times change, the Mayan descendants in Guatemala develop new and fun ways to show off their skills. Created in the highlands and surrounded by mysticism and culture, these crafts are 100% handmade. This category offers: My Christmas House with charms, Easter Egg Collection, beaded Christmas decorations, jack-o-lantern stress ball collection. Be sure to check back for
new products!


Mayan Weaving
In Guatemala, the Mayan descendants weave different patterns into their clothing to show what village they come from. These types of clothing are called “Güipil”. Each of the different patterns your find on these products are from the clothing of Mayans, who are often weaving new clothes in order to sell their original creation. This category offers: native-cloth tri-fold and bi-fold wallets, coin purses, and mini coin pouches.


New Collections
Many of our items are traditional handicrafts packaged with our own special packaging. We also place a great amount of energy into developing items – always representative of the Mayan culture, and always with market competitive pricing. Be sure to always check back for more
new products!



You can count on us to produce your designs, and to get your order to you. With 15 years of experience in exporting handicrafts, we also have 5 years of continued service working directly with cargo shippers. We fill out the paperwork, supply quotations, and reserve space for your shipment, whether you need the merchandise sent directly or you would like to send via our shipping office in Denmark. www.delaselva.com/transelva



Social Responsibility

We at From The Mayan People To You are committed to keeping our donors updated on our social projects and to offering newsletters throughout the process of developing projects. If at some moment you would like an update on a project and we have not sent you a newsletter, please contact us at socialproject@delaselva.com for information. We can send you information and pictures when available.



  • La Giralda Picture Gallery
    View pictures of the New School project La Giralda, Tecpán Chimaltenango.

  • Donation Day
    View pictures of the donation day at the following villages: Lake Atitlan, San Antonio Palopo, Palopó, San Pablo, San Lucas Toliman, Santiago, Panabaj.

  • La Giralda
    View pictures of the days when Hurricane Stan hit Guatemala, the municipality of Tecpán was devastated by flooding and mudslides, as were most areas in the country.

Photo Gallery




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Terms and Conditions
We greatly appreciate your business with us. Whether you are working with us to receive samples or you have an order in production, here we provide you with instructions on how to directly deposit to our accounts. Also, you can find our company’s policy on sending samples. However, if you are having difficulties with your deposit or simply need a question answered, please feel free to write us at
guatemala@delaselva.com or euoffice@delaselva.com.


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Located to the South of Mexico and bordering Belize, El Salvador, and Honduras, Guatemala is the most northern country in Central America. Guatemala is also home to the land of the ancient Maya Civilization, which still lives on today in many forms – from the use of 24 different Mayan languages to the continuous practice of intricate, geometric weavings; the descendants of the Maya proudly display their heritage.




We transport personal effects and household goods to any destination within the European Union. With our 13 years of experience in the export/import to many countries around the world, we are able to offer you an international transport service to Europe, for all your Household goods and personal items. We can assure you a professional service, providing you with a well-organized and problem-free move, and offering you the best service for shipping with us.



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Along with the contact information of our administrative teams, you can also view pictures of our producers and packaging team. We take great pride in who we are and how we work together.