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Who We Are

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Have you ever wondered if the Guatemalan worry dolls really work? Or if there is one worry doll especially for you? On our product page you can see our original worry doll designs from traditional to newly-developed, we are constantly innovating new ways for you to enjoy the story of the Guatemalan worry dolls....

And if you don't know the story.... The Mayans believed that there are worry people. You should whisper your worries to these, your special worry dolls, and then, later that night…. You should place your worry dolls under the bed, the hammock, the pillow, or the leaves you sleep on. When you wake up, the worry dolls will have taken your worries away!!

From The Mayan People To You, a producer and global exporter of Mayan and Guatemalan handicrafts located in San Juan del Obispo (near La Antigua Guatemala ), began its journey as an exporter in 1991. After years of hard work and development, today the company counts approximately 35 workers as part of its Main Office team, where we proudly work as a designer, producer, and distributor of high-quality, hand-made Guatemalan goods.

Our main facility is located in the small village of San Juan del Obispo, a quick trip from the country's colonial city, La Antigua Guatemala. All of our products are 100% hand-made; we work with a large range of products and product lines, all of which are acquired throughout the entire country. Some of our most recognizable products are Guatemalan Worry Dolls (worry people), crochet stress balls, crochet juggling balls and crochet footbags. Among our products you will also find an array of other handicrafts: purses, wallets, jewelry, nahuales, ceramic, ocote/fatwood....




Guatemala is still the home of the Maya! A visit to Guatemala shows you the many designs of clothing the indigenous population (the Maya) proudly display, and Guatemala is the home of 30 archaeological sites (approximately!), 23 still-spoken Mayan languages, and 34 volcanoes!


The Mayas are extremely adept at crafting objects by hand and adding an infinite amount of small details. For this reason, From The Mayan People To You are full of color and detail extremely representative of the Maya way of designing. And of course every product has a history, cultural tradition, or special belief to it – read more when you see our products at the trade fairs !!


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